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Hello! Welcome. My name is Jeremy Siggelkow. I am a Husband, Father, Life-Direction & Leadership Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Writer.

Have you ever struggled to find direction, find purpose, discover hope, unlock your potential, stay motivated, maintain the right life-balance and life-priorities? Have you ever struggled to take responsibility, find the right motivations, build healthy habits or achieve your goals? Perhaps you’ve struggled to utilize your talents, find a proper life rhythm and routine that empowers you to maximize your performance? I have.

In fact, for YEARS I was stuck in a downward cycle of limiting beliefs, bad habits and increasing hopelessness. But then, by God’s grace, He pulled me up and out of the mud. He washed me off, opened my eyes and cleansed me. Like a caring friend –He began to make me new, coach me and guide me. He gave me new hope, new life and a new life-mission.

My Mission:

Given my unique and diverse experience and education across many complex disciplines, and given my own personal story and struggles a long the way through atheism, faith and health, I am most passionate about understanding the human complexity and the dynamic connection between the body, mind and soul.

Therefore, My mission is to help people find purpose, unlock potential, eliminate obstacles and connect their purpose and unique personality to their personal and professional lives to maximize their performance and influence.

My Philosophy:

Through a unique, creative, holistic and balanced-life approach, I help people identify where their life is out and balance and gain and maintain proper life priorities and life-balance.

If at the same time, you lose out on your health, faith, family, friends and ruin relationships a long the road to using your talents, utilizing your time and chasing success, then you have simply traded some potentially good things for the exchange of other good and healthy things that are necessary for life-balance and you’ll experience a sense of loss.

Trust me, I have learned the hard way –life balance is the key. That is my philosophy and now I have the long awaited blessing and privilege of taking all I learned and helping coach others into experiencing total life-transformation and developing and maintaining life-balance.

If you’re ready to move forward today click the link below to book a FREE strategy session, and I’ll see you on the other side! If instead, you want to get more familiarized and explore some of my work background, feel free to keep on scrolling.

On a more personal level, I am a life-long student. I love to learn. I love theology, psychology, physiology, nutrition, books, reading, writing, cooking, community events, networking, physical activity, camping and the beautiful outdoors.

Work Experience:

By God’s grace, I have worked in construction, sales, management, professional kitchens and done graphic and web design work. However –Most significantly, I have spent the larger part of my life and work coaching, counselling and mentoring people from all walks of life and all ages through all kinds of life difficulties.

Some of the more specific fields of work I’ve been involved in are:

-Health, Fitness and Nutrition
-Mental Health and Disabilities
-Addiction and Ministry ministry
-Career and Life Coaching

Writing & Speaking:

I also have experience in public speaking and writing and have had the privilege of being featured on the radio and have published blogs on multiple sites.

To check this out, you can visit my Writing and Speaking page.

Favorite Work Positions:

Here is a brief summary of some of the positions I have enjoyed the most and that have shaped my personal life-philosophy:

– Fitness Attendant, Lethbridge College, Lethbridge, AB.
– Volunteer Soccer Coach, Coaldale, AB.
– Sports Writer and Reporter, Briercrest College & Seminary, Caronport, SK.

Discipleship Internship, MooseJaw Baptist Church, MooseJaw, SK.
– Community Disability Worker, I Have a Chance Support Services, Stony Plain, AB.
– U30 Wellness Program Coordinator, Segue Career Options, Winkler, MB.


Throughout my life I’ve held certifications in the fitness industry and currently hold about 15 certifications in Suicide Intervention, Abuse Prevention, Mental Health Diagnosis, Trauma-Informed Care, Mental Health First Aid, Dementia and Communication, just to name a few.

I also studied a few years at Foundation Baptist College, hold a Diploma in General Studies with a Major in Exercise Science and am slowly working on my Masters in Biblical Counselling currently.

Here are some of the Colleges I have attended:

NAIT – Edmonton, Alberta.
Medicine Hat College – Medicine Hat.
Lethbridge College – Lethbridge, AB.
Briercrest College & Seminary, Caronport, SK.
Foundation Baptist College, Edmonton, AB.

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