My Story:

My life has been kind of a humbling paradox. Raised in a small, rural farm town with a great Christian family and having attended a private Christian School growing up, I had most of the privileged-things most people haven’t had.

Within those privileges, I was in some ways able to soar to accomplish and reach satisfying heights of success through sports and athletic opportunity. However, my intellectual and spiritual side and life suffered and my life took a progressive shift when I struggled to make my faith my own.

It was both this struggle and the outcome of this struggle that brought me both low and high. Within these new contexts, I was met with much pain and darkness, so much pain and darkness that finding my way back to the light, life and hope of the gospel became my only saving grace.

At the bottom, I didn’t think I could ever recovery. I didn’t think I would ever soar again. Yet –in God’s grace and His providence, the bad habits I slipped into and the sting of poor choices and the journey of wandering through agnosticism, atheism, philosophy, psychology and and an array of other world religions, brought me back to the my roots and the centerpiece of the cross.

And, it was there I was compelled, convinced and convicted of my sin and my complete need for regeneration and salvation in Christ. By His grace alone, He turned my sorrow into singing, my darkness into light and slowly, day by day, from the inside out, He is and has been restoring me, renewing my mind and transforming every area of my life.

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